Stilts on a Stoop

20 May

Stilts on a Stoop

These are the shoes I told you about here. I decided to give them the debut they deserve and wear ’em out to ChicSocial – the Chictopia x Crossroads shopping event this week. I sipped cosmos and chitchatted with Liz of Late Afternoon and Kristine of Eli Presentacion – two lovely, talented bloggers I have befriended along the way.

I was delighted to find a great pair of high-wasted shorts & an incredible vintage Vivienne Westwood fanny pack… it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I mean, seriously, how awesome to not have to lug around my giant purse! 

So glad it’s almost the weekend. Tomorrow Blake and I are attending a “team cook”  so that should be interesting. Blake will have to carry our team for sure. I will stand close by and provide moral support while consuming copious amounts of wine. We all have our talents, right?

*wearing: Jeffrey Campbell colossal wedges, LF leopard tights, t-shirt dress, Millau furry vest, Forever21 vest, vintage Chanel pendant by St. Eve

Birthday Cake

17 May

Birthday Cake

Over the weekend we went to Oyster Fest to drink to my sister’s 21st, taste the local fare, and dance to Cake (one of Blake’s favorite bands)! The best part was Lola accompanied us on our outing… everything is better with my animal co-pilot.

The weather was not ideal, but we made-d0 with bundles and blankets. I tried to brighten things up a bit with my pastel-colored outfit. Nothing like purple jeans and a mint-green tee to light up the mood, right? It is spring after all…

*wearing: LF jeans and tee, Steve Madden studded boots, Forever21 denim jacket/Juicy faux fur coat, Chanel sunglasses, vintage Chanel pendant from St. Eve

So bad it’s good.

25 Apr

wearing: Zara button-down, Seneca Rising skirt, Zara belt, Jeffrey Campbell cage booties, So Good ball & Chain necklace

To start the weekend off right, Blake and I figured we’d treat ourselves to a little In and Out Burger. It’s located in Fisherman’s Wharf…a part of town we don’t typically frequent unless, well, we’re going to In and Out. While pushing our way through the crowds, I spotted So Good Jewelry. This store is basically a glorified gift shop that happens to specialize in cheap, tacky accessories. While cruising around, the shopkeeper hiding in the corner discretely slipped me a scratch-off card reading “Everyone’s a winner” without saying one word. I did the obvious, and discovered that I was the winner of a 10% off everything discount. SOLD!

I spotted this giant ball and chain necklace and knew it had to be mine. It’s probably the ugliest thing I own but I think that’s part of the reason I love it! In fact, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it inspired this entire outfit.

She could be a farmer in those clothes

18 Apr

She could be a farmer in those clothes

Yesterday Blake and I spent a beautiful morning at the Ferry Building farmer’s market. We jump started the day with Blue Bottle coffee, and set off into eager crowds to check out the locally-grown goodies. We snagged some fresh organic fruits & veggies, colorful flowers (to match my dress, of course), sweet and spicy chipotle jam, honey sticks, and my favorite chili lime almonds.

OnTheRacks Personal Style Photo at San Francisco Farmer's Market

OnTheRacks Personal Style Photo at San Francisco Farmer's Market

OnTheRacks Personal Style Photo at San Francisco Farmer's Market

OnTheRacks Personal Style Photo at San Francisco Farmer's Market

OnTheRacks Personal Style Photo at San Francisco Farmer's Market

OnTheRacks Personal Style Photo in front of San Francisco Trolley Car

Wearing: Vintage sun hat, Charlotte Ronson asymmetric floral dress, Marc Jacobs silk scarf, Michael Kors wooden sandals, David & Scotti crocheted bag

Once our work there was done we strolled on the Embarcadero for a bit…we needed to come down from the hustle & bustle. The scenery over there is pretty radical. On one side you have the water with Bay Bridge towering over it, and on the other there’s the Financial District & Downtown cityscape. San Francisco really is a fabulous city.

Stilettos Reach New Heights Thanks to Alexander McQueen

2 Jan

Though we’ve only known each other a short time, it’s probably evident that I am a shoe girl. High heels? I’m a fan! Skyscraper-tall? Even better! But, these babies have me stopped cold in my tracks…


Alexander McQueen’s SS 2010 Python Armadillo Shoes are, well, a little over the top. I feel as if they are going to pull a Transformers and convert into some sort of dinosaur. And the British Vogue gals can’t walk in them – that’s aught to tell you something about their wearability (in case the fact they’re a foot tall does not)…

More power to the models who rocked these down the runways!

FREAKY or FASHION? You be the judge…