McDonalds’ McFancy at Fashion Week – Will You Indulge?

28 Jan

Not sure how legitimate this McFancy business is, however I could not resist sharing. McDonalds is something I hate to love – a guilty pleasure, if you will. Perhaps this has something to do with my mother bribing me with Happy Meals as a child?

The Cool Hunter, a culture and design site, plans to launch McFancy at Fashion Weeks worldwide this year. With New York Fashion Week drawing near, I cannot help but wonder, will I have the pleasure of indulging in Hermès-branded french fries?

This designer-inspired McDonalds menu almost legitimizes it’s mass consumption.

The Chanel fries mentioned make me skeptical – we all know how Carl Lagerfeld feels about “fat mummies“.

Expect tuxedo-clad waiters and silver! I’ll be the fashion blogger in the corner chowing down on a Burberry burger…

One Lovely Comment on “McDonalds’ McFancy at Fashion Week – Will You Indulge?”

  1. Vida 29. Jan, 2010 at 10:25 pm #

    Burberry Burger sounds good to me too. The name sounds good and a McDonald’s Burger may be cool if disguised as something classy.


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